A Monster-Collecting Tabletop RPG

What is Flicker?

Flicker is a tabletop rpg all about collecting, training, and battling monsters. It's inspired by classic "mon" games like Pokemon, Dragon Warrior Monsters, and Monster Rancher.

The Flicker project aims to combine engaging tactical combat, high quality art, and a colorful subterranean setting to create the definitive monster-collecting tabletop rpg.

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Project Goals

The Underworld

Flicker takes place entirely underground, in a subterranean world beneath an inhospitable surface. Monsters rule the underworld's wilderness and civilization has itself locked tightly behind heavy vault doors.

Players take the roles of freelance adventurers and their monstrous companions. With their monsters at their side, players will brave many deadly and colorful biomes and take jobs no one else can or will.

Your monsters are the only thing keeping your tale of high adventure from becoming a gruesome horror story. Which ones will you choose?


All action resolution and damage calculation in Flicker uses ten-sided dice. While having a set of dice for each player at your table helps streamline things, you'll never need more than three ten-sided dice to play this game!

Flicker's core mechanics are already done! Since we don't want to sell you a game you don't want to buy, we've included a sample of the mechanics on this page to give you an idea of how our game will work.

Once we have more of our art assets ready, we'll be adding additional articles and videos to this site to show off some of our monsters and give a more hands-on display of our system in action. Subscribe and stay tuned to learn more!